How to Play and Effective Strategies to Win it

Do you know what Omaha Poker is? This game is a type of variation of the poker game. The card jasabola commonly used in Omaha Poker is playing cards. how to play Omaha poker is indeed a little different from texas hold’em poker. If you feel bored playing texas holdem poker, through this article you can learn how to play and effective strategies to win Omaha Poker.

Omaha Poker is divided into 3 types of games including:

Fixed limit omaha poker

In the game Fixed limit omaha poker, players can pair the value of the bet according to the predetermined limit at each round of betting.

Pot limit omaha poker

Not much different from fixed limits, for Pot limit omaha poker, players can place bets according to what is in the pot bet. Pot limit omaha poker is the most popular compared to other games.

No limit omaha poker

Players can place an unlimited number of bets on No limit poker numbers. Players can also place bets with all the chips they have during the game.

How to play Omaha Poker

The rules used in each type of poker game are basically the same. The difference between the games is in the number of different bets between games. The way to play is the player will be dealt 4 pieces of cards at the beginning of the game poker (hole cards). For a sequence of players use a clockwise sequence and start with the player holding the blind card with the largest value


After the player gets the card, each player will choose whether he will continue the game by adding a card or he will increase the existing bet. The round of the game will run clockwise.

This game will continue until all players have placed the same bet. Players can choose to surrender if they feel that the card they have has no chance of winning


When a flop of 3 cards from 5 community cards will be shared open, similar to a pre-flop, players who continue to play can raise bets or surrender.

Turn on

On Turn 1 second order card from 5 community cards will be placed by the dealer at the game table to complete the 3 cards. Players can surrender or increase bets.


At River, the last card from 5 community cards will be placed to complete the 4 cards. River is the last round where players can choose to raise bets or surrender.


If after passing pre-flop, flop, turn and river there are still at least 2 people or more so the players can issue the cards they hold. players can issue cards starting in a clockwise sequence.

Determining winners is the player who brings the 5 best cards. In omaha poker, the 5 best cards are a combination of 2 hole cards and 3 community cards. If more than 1 player has the best 5 cards, then the pot bet will be divided equally.

That’s how to play and a powerful strategy to win Omaha Poker. Hopefully with the above strategy you can win all types of Omaha Poker games that often play. Don’t forget to keep abreast of the best tips in winning omaha Poker that we will always update every day. Hopefully you are always lucky.